Asthma Triggers – Time to have your Carpets Cleaned!

The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust-mites, pets, pollen and mould. Winter is here and so is the cold and flu season, a danger time for asthmatics and allergy suffers. So there is no time like the present to clean your carpets and upholstery to help minimise the risk of triggering an … More Asthma Triggers – Time to have your Carpets Cleaned!

Carpet Cleaning methods

Hot water extraction¬†(also known as steam cleaning) is what the Australian standard refers to as ‘periodic or corrective cleaning,’ and is suitable for most carpets. It can be done with a truck-mounted or portable machine. Manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the preferred method of carpet cleaning to invigorate and prolong the life of the … More Carpet Cleaning methods