Carpet Cleaning


Mould, dust mites and germs can live, breed and grow in your carpet and furniture, having a detrimental effect on your health and quality of life.  You might not even realize the effect they have until they are removed.  Our carpet cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean your valuable assets, which will help eradicate these problems and advise you on ways to prevent them coming back.

In order for this process to be most effective and to get a thorough clean on the carpets, we use a method of carpet cleaning called Hot Water Extraction.  This method is recommended by Standards Australia and is completely safe to use on all types of carpet, including wool and nylon blends.  With all carpet cleaning provided by Hitech Cleaning Services, a FREE deodorising and Antibacterial Treatment is included.  This treatment kills mould, fungal spoors, mildew and bacteria that may be breeding in the carpet and is normally valued at an additional $11 per average house room.

We have fully trained technicians, who, on arrival will inspect the carpets for any stains or marks you may be concerned about. The technician will work on these areas for you offering advice on future care and protection for the carpet. The technician will move the necessary furniture and pre-spray the entire carpeted area. Where required, a specially designed pile rake will be used on the heavy traffic areas, for example, hallways, doorways and walkways.

When the cleaning is completed, the technician will return the furniture to its original position and coaster the required furniture so it won’t mark the carpet.  The technician will then walk you through for you to inspect the work to ensure your satisfaction and you will receive a Hitech Cleaning Services Written Guarantee on the Workmanship.  We do not offer rush in, rush out jobs and will always allow for sufficient time to bring the carpets up to their best.

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